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 Are you reaching your full potential?

Are you successful and satisfied?

 Are you making the most of your life? 

Are you really living your values?


If not, a life coach can support and work with you on what is often a tricky, slippery and daunting journey.


What is Co-Active Life Coaching?

Co-active Life Coaching is a dynamic and powerful relationship built between client (you) and coach (me) that serves the client. As  a coach I trust and believe in my clients 100% and together we bring more balance, fulfillment and success into your life. You the client, choose the agenda for our sessions and together we journey through what comes up.


Life's journey is like the flow of a times it is twisty, you have no idea which way to go, sometimes it is wild and out of control, you are in the white water, it is turbulent and tough. At other times the journey is calm or flat. Where ever you are on your journey coaching can make a positive difference.   


My name is Simon Lillie, I am a Co-active Life Coach trained by The Coaches Training Institute  (CTI).

Having had a 15 year career in the hospitality industry, I decided to follow my heart and break out from the "norm". I spent time as a volunteer in African and trained as a Co-Active Life Coach. I now coach people towards; reaching success, making changes in their lives, bringing more balance and fulfillment into their life and living life to the full.

I worked most of my career in London in the restaurant, club and bar business and led teams of up to 100 people. Latterly I became a multi-site operator and was responsible for sites that turned over in excess of £32 million per annum.


This photo was taken during my time in Namibia working with an HIV/AIDS project


Since returning from Africa, I have re-located to the Czech Republic with my young family and have worked as a hospitality consultant and teacher. In January 2008 I began training as a Co-active Life Coach and finished in August. "It's YOUR Life - Coaching" has been in operation since October 2008.


I offer something unique, something different, something new..............

My comprehenisive knowledge of business, my Life Coaching experience and it is all in the English language!


Pictured here with my kids, Max and Zea


Are you ready to make some positive steps?

Do you want to get your life back on track?

Do you want to make the most of your time?


The next step..........If any of this interests you, is to please get in contact.


I look forward to working with you and supporting you as you work towards personal fulfillment and "living" every moment along the way.

Enjoy the day,



Simon Lillie Co-active Life Coach


Skype: simon.lillie

Phone: +420 739769115 / 582330909



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