“Simon is an insightful and intuitive coach, who challenges his clients to get to the next level. I found our coaching sessions to be extremely empowering and inspirational, which helped me to get on with the important things in my life." Ana Nacif – London UK


"Simon is a very special man with a huge heart and sense of intuition. In his coaching he is compassionate, curious, brave and acts with the best intentions - the results are life changing impacts. I recommend him whole heartedly to anyone looking to make bold steps towards living life to the fullest." Finbarr Carter - Norwich UK


"Coaching with Simon really helped me face up to some things that needed to be recognised for me to move on with my life. The same safe, calm, quietly powerful and sense of infinite wisdom that Simon provides is something very special. I would whole heartedly recommend Simon to anyone whom is looking to make big changes, achieve goals and connect with their essence." Louise Dudley - European Finance Manager - UK


"Simon may hate me when I say that I simply look up to him... He is one of the most authentic men of integrity I know. Not only has he demonstrated himself what becomes possible in life when you live by your values but his coaching style is so naturally inviting, stimulating and strengthening that he became a one of my closest mental allies. Meanwhile I have made a big change in my life and I am proud about that and long after our coaching sessions Simon is still very present indeed ! "
Patrick VR, global marketing director / executive coach - Belgium

Since our first contact I have known that Simon is a very special man. I had the feeling that Simon knows me perfectly and he is really interested in me and respects me. I know I can trust him one hundred percent. Talks with him gave me a lot of positive energy, courage and resoluteness which made me make some big steps forwards. He has always been there for me and no matter what I said or did, I got his support and understanding. Thanks to him I realized who my real self was and he taught me how important it is to be authentic. That´s what I want to say „Thank you“ for!

Martina Bergerova - Honeywell - Prague

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